Swipe Right on Oklahoma

This Valentine’s Day, Oklahoma is ready to steal your heart — and your zip code.

If you are on dating apps in Dallas this Valentine’s Day, you might stumble across a surprising new suitor: the Sooner State.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The state of Oklahoma is entering the dating scene to tempt Texans to settle down in the state. Whether you’re looking for a man on Hinge or swiping for a wife on Bumble, Oklahoma’s legitimate, swipe-right-worthy profiles are ready to commit to a beautiful life of good food, great opportunities, and Insta-worthy weekends.

“We’re not just crashing the dating scene with this campaign, we’re also addressing a critical need in our economy,” Commerce Director of Marketing and Communications Becky Samples said. “While Oklahoma has a historical track record of low unemployment rates, our workforce still has more than 29,000 open roles across various industries to sustain and enhance the state’s robust economic growth. This initiative is about supporting Oklahoma businesses by inviting those who can make a significant impact on our workforce to settle down in our extraordinary and vibrant state.”

On the (very real) profiles, Oklahoma dazzles potential dates with its impressively low cost of living, scenic state park views, and laidback lifestyle. And rest assured, this isn’t a catfishing attempt, but rather a transparent invitation to explore starting the next chapter of life in Oklahoma. 

With profiles on Hinge and Bumble, the Date Oklahoma campaign is prepped to play Cupid for young adults on the cusp of significant life decisions, like buying a first house, starting a family, or taking the next step in their careers

“Oklahoma is a vibrant hub for both personal growth and professional opportunity,” Samples continued. “Our state excels with a cost of living well below the national average, complemented by a thriving arts scene, including renowned festivals and the Oklahoma City Thunder games for sports enthusiasts. We’re leading in sectors like aerospace, film, energy and biotech, providing a wide array of career opportunities. With ‘Date Oklahoma,’ we aim to highlight these strengths, attracting those ready to embrace our state’s dynamic lifestyle and rich community.”

So here’s our final proposal: if your perfect date has a great job, a solid plan for the future, and an eye for the finer side of life, Oklahoma just might be your love at first sight.

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