7 Reasons Oklahoma is the Best Place to Live in America

If you’re looking to settle down without sacrifice, set your sights on this flyover state.
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When you’re searching for great places to live in the U.S., your must-have list likely includes an active job market, a low cost of living, and plenty to see and do too. Texas is getting too crowded. California’s falling into the ocean, and the east coast life is way too expensive. What now? 

Say hello to Oklahoma. Equidistant to New York City and Los Angeles and one of the least expensive places to live in the U.S., Americans are moving to Oklahoma for a taste of the flyover life. In 2022 alone, nearly 118,000 people moved to Oklahoma and its capitol, Oklahoma City, recently ranked as the 6th fastest growing city.

But don’t just take our word on it. Here are seven reasons Oklahoma is one of the nicest places to live in America from seven Oklahomans who call it home. 

You can actually afford to buy a house

Oklahoma’s housing market ranks in the top ten most affordable in the nation. That’s good news for first-time homebuyers and families looking to put down roots with a big backyard. The average Oklahoma house costs $200,203, compared to the $412,000 U.S. median home price, and for renters, Oklahomans pay an average of just $1,395 per month. If you’re looking to own property, buying land in Oklahoma is also much more affordable at $7,616 per acre compared to the $14,246 national average. 

“As a single person, it can be challenging to purchase property, but living in Oklahoma has allowed me to become a homeowner at a fairly young age.” 

— Conner Patton, Warr Acres, OK

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You can stretch your hard-earned dollar

Oklahoma’s low cost of living is one of the biggest reasons people are moving to Oklahoma. On top of affordable homes, necessities like gas, groceries, and utilities in Oklahoma won’t break the bank either. That means more spare change for the things that actually matter, like OKC Thunder games, comedy shows, more frequent vacations, and family time at one of 38 Oklahoma state parks

“Living here has been great personally and professionally. The lower cost of living is amazing. It’s allowed us to own a home, have a family, and travel often.” 

— Jeff Chanchaleune, Oklahoma City, OK

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You’ll love the life you live

High quality of life means something different to everyone: massive backyards, work-life balance, rowdy sporting events, inclusive communities, solid jobs, top-rated greenspaces, cutting-edge medical care, vibrant festivals. Luckily, Oklahoma has all of it and then some. Maybe that’s why Oklahomans are often referred to as some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. 

“One common misconception about Oklahoma is that it’s all fields, tumbleweeds, and riding your horse to school uphill both ways. The reality is that the state has vibrant food, art, and music scenes, and a rich cultural heritage. There are bustling cities, diverse communities, and a wide range of activities and experiences to enjoy. You’ll find a perfect blend of small town charm and big city amenities. Oklahoma’s full of surprises and has something for everyone.”

— Emily Phillips, Oklahoma City, OK

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You can comfortably raise a family

Community-centric school districts, safe communities, and family friendly parks, museums, and zoos make Oklahoma one of the best states to raise a family. While the best areas to live are ranked as Edmond, Jenks, and Bixby, you have plenty of Oklahoman suburbs and small towns to pick from too. Oklahoma City and Tulsa — the state’s two booming big cities — also offer big time family fun with a small town feel. 

“I believe Oklahoma is a good place to raise children. Because of the life in Oklahoma, where there’s the ease of living, I’m able to manage my time better to show up for my kids and those that I love. I believe that it allows us to stay close-knit and that really matters.” 

— Sharina Perry, Edmond, OK

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You won’t be in traffic all day

The average American wastes around 51 hours of their year sitting in traffic. That’s over two whole days. In Oklahoma, the average daily commute is just 21.7 minutes — 18.4% lower than the national average. While millions of drivers are drowning out car horns with their daily podcast, most Oklahomans are already home from work, dinner on the stove and dog ready for a walk. 

“I love how quick and easy it is to get places. You can make dinner plans with a friend just 15 minutes in advance and get pretty much anywhere in the city on time. I always appreciate that about Oklahoma when I’m traveling in another city and am stuck in traffic.” 

— Susan Moring, Oklahoma City, OK

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You can get a great job with ease

Oklahoma currently has over 29,000 jobs open across aerospace, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and endless other sectors. Major national employers like Boeing, Amazon, Macy’s, and more have all set up operations in the heartland, making it simple to transfer to the simpler life. For remote workers, the city of Tulsa will pay you $10,000 if accepted into the Tulsa Remote program. Plus, Oklahoma is the 3rd most affordable state to start a business if you’re looking to be your own boss. 

“Doors of opportunity are always opened by other people willing to take a risk and believe in an individual. Oklahoma is exactly that. I don’t believe I could say that about every state or city in the U.S. Opportunities for people, professionals, families, and entrepreneurs are thriving here.” 

— Jason Burks, Broken Arrow, OK

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You can eat your way around the world

Oklahoma is cooking up far more than chicken fried steak and sweet tea. From authentic Vietnamese and exceptional steakhouses to German schnitzels and sweat-inducing Szechuan, your belly will never be bored. In just the last few years, a Lao spot, tasting menu experience, and seafood joint (yes, seafood) have been named some of the best restaurants in the United States by the New York Times and Bon Appétit. Seven Oklahoma chefs were named semifinalists for the prestigious James Beard Award in 2022 alone, and the mayor of Flavortown himself continues to make a pitstop for some Oklahoma grub. 

“That was something that was super important to us when we were researching whether or not we wanted to move…You can get traditional Japanese. You can get awesome barbecue. You can get great Mexican food. You can get James Beard Award-winning food.”

— Josh Elsass, Oklahoma City, OK

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Come live the flyover life

The heart of America’s hidden gem is always welcoming new Oklahomans. Whether you’re drawn to its burgeoning cities, the warm hospitality of its people, or the opportunity as wide as its bright blue skies, the Sooner State is a great place to call your next home. Come get a slice of the flyover life in the one and only Oklahoma.

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